Archive your eRoom contents safely
and in compliance with
legal requirements.
Archive your eRoom
contents safely and in
compliance with
legal requirements.

The data is archived in a structured manner yet remains easy and intuitive to use.

With the eRoom Library, it is possible to archive eRoom content securely, permanently, and in a structured manner. Not only the content itself, but also the associated rights and metadata are stored. Access to the archive can be easily controlled via the member management.



eRoom is suitable for small workgroups of 5 users or more and can easily scale to 100,000 users. The software grows easily and smoothly with your requirements.The software grows easily and smoothly with your requirements.

Audit Trail

All accesses by users and changes to the data by administrators / records managers are meticulously logged.

User management

User management is done using local users or through a connection to a local Active Directory or an Azure Active Directory.

Easy use

The user interface is simply designed and intuitive to use. All rooms in which a user is a member are visible via a central overview. The structure of the rooms is based on the Windows file explorer, so that users can work in it immediately without any training effort.

Access to the data

End users only have read access to the archives. With the appropriate admin role, content can be deleted or modified. All changes are stored in the change log.

Full-text search

The archives can be searched using full-text search, allowing contents to be found easily and quickly.

Universal Data Format

All archives can be exported in a universal, non-proprietary XML/HTML format and opened with a standard web browser.

Retention policies

Retention policies can be established for data management to delete content after a certain period or to protect content from deletion for a specific duration.

DataYourFreeAnd how do the data get into the library?Inventory, classification, and archiving
- migrado does it for you in no time.

We migrate all eRoom content and structures

This includes complex and nested structures as found in large databases and database attachments.

Incoming mail
Project plans
Users & Groups
Files & Versions
Discussions & Comments

Professional services

Installation and configuration

We advise you on the optimal architecture and carry out the necessary installation and configuration tasks for you. In doing so, we take into account the optimal integration into the existing IT infrastructure and the necessary security requirements.

Migration and archiving

We assist you in migrating and archiving data from eRoom to other target systems. We conduct an inventory of all contents, assess and solve issues arising from system differences, and then carry out the migrations.

Technical Support

Our excellent technical project support is at your side with archiving and technical product expertise when you need assistance.

Choose the suitable operating model for your business requirements.

On-premises license
and maintenance

You can purchase licenses for an on-premises installation with an associated maintenance contract from us.

Do not hesitate to request a non-binding eRoom license and maintenance offer from us!

Library Cloud Services

If you don’t want to operate your own infrastructure, then our cloud subscription is just right for you.

Your advantage:
You don’t have to worry about anything! We provide the application for you and you can get started right away.

Do not hesitate to request a non-binding eRoom Library offer from us!

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