The "classic" for
digital collaboration.
Runs and runs and...
The "classic" for
digital collaboration.
Runs and runs and...

Collaborate easily and intuitively

With eRoom software, online workplaces become secure and companies can conduct collaborative projects internally and with customers, suppliers, and business partners, sharing and storing documents and information across geographic locations and time zones.



eRoom is suitable for small workgroups of 5 users or more and can easily scale to 100,000 users. The software grows easily and smoothly with your requirements.The software grows easily and smoothly with your requirements.

All functions for successful collaboration

eRoom has all the features needed for successful collaboration: Planning, management, discussion, voting, file storage, access control, version control, notifications and much more. The solution is suitable for almost all types of web-based collaboration.

Secure workplace on the Internet

eRoom provides secure workspaces on the Internet for teams and workgroups. The access is done with any internet browser. Communication between the end device and the server is done with 128-bit SSL encryption.

High ease of use thanks to drag & drop

eRoom has a plug-in that allows users to upload or download files or entire folder structures by dragging and dropping.

Easy use

The user interface is simply designed and intuitive to use. All rooms in which a user is a member are visible via a central overview. The structure of the rooms is based on the Windows file explorer, so that users can work in it immediately without any training effort.

Internal and external cooperation

Thanks to eRoom’s user management, external users can be added to the system quickly and easily in addition to internal users.

Functional extensibility

eRoom has a convenient programming interface that enables individual adaptation to customer requirements.

Structured and yet flexible

Rooms can be created based on templates. Spaces can be designed and changed at any time so that they can be adapted to individual working methods and meet company specifications.

eRoom elements


An exchange of opinions between several people, where you can read comments of the other people and add your own contributions.

Project plans

A simple project plan that includes a Gantt chart and can be synchronized with Microsoft® Outlook®. Project tasks can be grouped and filtered and actual progress can be recorded in them. Each entry, like any eRoom page, can contain comments and attachments.


A page where you can vote on a question you have asked. You provide the answer choices. The results of the voting are automatically evaluated and displayed.


A summary of information from one or more databases, calendars, or project plans. Dashboards can also be viewed on the My eRooms page.


A place where you can store, organize, and comment on files, links, and other eRoom items.


A simple team calendar with monthly, weekly and list views, as well as recurring events and a feature to synchronize with Microsoft® Outlook®.


A link to a website, another eRoom, or to a single file or page in an eRoom. Links can be created for all elements that have a web address (URL).


With the eRoom workflows, common workflows for structured processes can be created easily and quickly. This may involve joint document creation (e.g., quoting), issue tracking, or even task processing.


A fully customizable database for milestones, issues, contacts or other structured project information. You can select fields and data types as well as add, sort, group, search and filter entries. Like any other eRoom page, an entry can contain comments and attachments.

Incoming mail

A special folder where emails can be received and stored. Project-related emails can be copied directly to the eRoom to create an automatic archive for project correspondence.


With the eRoom workflows, common workflows for structured processes can be created easily and quickly. This may involve joint document creation (e.g., quoting), issue tracking, or even task processing.


A simple text page with areas for file attachments and comments. Unlike files in an eRoom, no specific application is required to open and read notes.

eRoom functions


imple chat function for the members of a room.


inds keywords in titles, descriptions, Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) and PDF documents. A search query can be performed across all rooms as well as within a room.

Online help

he online help is available from any eRoom page. In addition, the help is displayed contextually.


o inform users about changes and news, a telegram can be sent by e-mail for each element to any members within a room. A link takes users directly to the desired element.


he system automatically notifies all users by e-mail about changes in their workspaces on a daily basis. In addition, change notifications can be activated for individual elements.

Marking unread elements

ew and changed elements are automatically displayed as unread

Drag & Drop

ny type of file can be stored in eRoom. These can be uploaded and downloaded via drag & drop or as entire folder structures. Even within the software, eRoom elements can be moved by dragging and dropping.

Version control

f version control is enabled, a new file version is automatically created as soon as changes are made to the file.

Access control

ccess rights in eRoom can be controlled at different levels. Within a room, access to each individual element can be controlled.

Choose the right pricing model for your business needs

For one-time projects or permanent use in the company

Licenses and maintenance

You can purchase new or additional user licenses for an on-premises installation with an associated maintenance contract from us.

Don’t hesitate and request a no-obligation eRoom license and maintenance quote from us!

eRoom Server Subscription
Server Homing and Application Management

We can run and maintain your eRoom application with your licenses in our data center for you. You can easily purchase additional licenses through us or extend your maintenance contract.

Your benefit

You use your dedicated eRoom system without restrictions and we make sure that your application runs smoothly!

Don’t hesitate and request a no-obligation eRoom SaaS quote!

eRoom Cloud Subscription
All-round carefree package that grows with you

You only have a small team or a temporary project and don’t want to run your own infrastructure, then our cloud subscription is just right for you.

Your benefit
You don’t have to worry about anything! We’ll provide you with the application and you can get started right away. If you have any questions about usage, contact our customer hotline.

Don’t hesitate and request a no-obligation eRoom Cloud quote!

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