Your collaboration tool for the
modern enterprise
Your collaboration tool for the
modern enterprise

What is special about teamdo?

Modern design, simple, structured, flexible, secure and
tailored to your needs.

teamdo supports your work process,
the way you want it.

Your collaboration tool for the modern enterprise

“teamdo” is more than just software – it’s the evolution of teamwork. With intuitive features like folders, files, chats, and tasks, “teamdo” ensures that every team member is always up to date. With its unique feature of flexibly nested elements, “teamdo” offers adaptability that is unparalleled. Special workspaces, called “Spaces”, can be effortlessly created and expanded with additional Sub-Spaces to perfectly represent any workflow or project.

Central aggregation ensures you always have an overview of all activities, while the clear design ensures quick onboarding and efficient use. At “teamdo”, your team is at the forefront: Here, the software adapts to your needs, not the other way around. Experience a new dimension of collaboration with “teamdo”.


Scalability from small teams to large enterprises

Our web-based collaboration software adapts to your growth. From small teams to global corporations, we ensure smooth performance and efficiency Expand your boundaries without compromising functionality. With us, your collaboration scales seamlessly.

Easy Content Discovery through an Intuitive Filing Structure

In a world of information overload, our filing structure offers clarity and efficiency. Every piece of content, from documents to images, has its logical place, simplifying the search. Never again lose time to endless searching – with us, you’ll find quickly and intuitively.

Functionally Expandable

In a constantly changing digital age, software must be able to grow with your requirements. Our solution is not only robust and reliable but also designed to be flexible. Add features and expand your platform as needed. With us, you are always one step ahead.

All Features for Successful Collaboration

teamdo provides a comprehensive range of features essential for optimized teamwork: from planning and management to discussions and voting, to file storage, access controls, and version tracking. With notification functions and much more, our solution is ideal for almost any type of web-based collaboration.

Easy use

teamdo emphasizes user-friendliness and intuition. Without complex training, you can get started immediately: Clear design elements guide you through all functions, while an intuitive layout simplifies work. With teamdo, collaboration becomes not just efficient, but delightfully straightforward.

Structured and yet flexible

teamdo combines the best of both worlds: A clear structure provides direction and efficiency, while flexible customization options cater to individual needs. It’s the ideal platform that offers both order and space for creative processes. With teamdo, you always have an overview while still retaining all freedoms.

Secure Workspace

At teamdo, your data security is our top priority. Using the latest encryption technologies, we ensure the protection of your information. No matter where you work from, with teamdo, your digital workspace is always in safe hands and protected from unwanted access.

Supports Internal and External Collaboration

teamdo offers a platform optimized for both internal teams and collaboration with external partners. Simple access rights and clear communication tools facilitate information exchange and promote seamless integration. With teamdo, you build bridges between teams and external partners, efficiently and securely.

Mobility and Cross-platform Usage

With teamdo, you’re not tied to a single workstation. Our software is optimized for various platforms and devices, ensuring you can be productive anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, your projects and teams are always just a click away. Thanks to our adaptive design solution, you have full access at all times – efficient, seamless, and mobile.

We have the right place for every function.
Exactly where you need it.

Chats and Comments:

Communication must flow, no matter where it begins. Whether it’s a chat in a Space or a comment in a Sub-Space, we ensure you never lose sight of it. Every conversation, every exchange of thoughts, placed anywhere, is presented clearly in a central view. Organized, accessible, and always right where you need it.

Task Management:

Imagine being able to attach tasks directly in the context of your work – to files, list entries, or notes, anywhere within your storage structure. Our software makes this possible. All tasks, whether in Spaces or Sub-Spaces, are aggregated into a central overview. And if you need specialized task lists? No problem. Create additional lists and find everything quickly and conveniently in one place.

We have a “finder” so you don’t have to search.

In a world where efficiency and organization are paramount, we understand the importance of quick and efficient access to your content. With our innovative “finder”, we provide you with a hierarchical overview of all Spaces, Sub-Spaces, and their contents. Finding files and information has never been so easy and intuitive. Dive in, save time, and focus on what really matters: Your work.


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Folders, files, lists

Notes, tasks, chats

Hierarchical structures

Version control

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